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“Safe Yucatan”, Integral Video Surveillance System, reports almost 100% of progress

by Magali Alvarez
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During the First Ordinary Session of the “Safe Yucatan” Program Follow-up Committee for the year 2023, almost 100% progress was reported on the Integrated Video Surveillance System and the installation of intelligent traffic lights throughout the state.

The progress in the new infrastructure and equipment at the Control, Command, Communications, Computing, Coordination and Intelligence Center (C-5i) was also highlighted.

With the “Safe Yucatan” program, an investment has been made to provide equipment, state-of-the-art technology and strong training to the police in order to strengthen the functions of surveillance, prevention and monitoring of crimes to reinforce the security of Yucatecans.

More than 2,620 million pesos have been allocated for its implementation, as reported at the session by the head of the Secretariat of Administration and Finance (SAF), Roberto Suárez Coldwell.

For his part, Luis Felipe Saiden, head of the SSP, referred to the execution of infrastructure works and equipment with state-of-the-art technology of the works contemplated through the “Safe Yucatan” program, whose actions contribute to the reinforcement of public safety.

In this context, he spoke about the modernization works and new works of the C-5i Monitoring Center located in the central building of the Public Security Secretariat.

Saidén Ojeda said that the building has two levels with a total area of 3,419 square meters, of which 1,905 square meters are for construction and 1,514 square meters are for remodeling.

He pointed out that the C-5i has the most modern technology to guarantee better coordination and a prompt response from security corporations to make crime prevention and combat efforts more effective in Yucatan.

He mentioned that the 9-1-1 emergency number area is fully operational, as well as the Monitoring Center where the Video Wall is located, which consists of 400 screens that permanently monitor the Integral Video Surveillance System in real time.


119 Highway Arches installed in strategic locations throughout the state, which will help strengthen public safety.

585 Intelligent Monitoring Posts with fixed and 360-degree motion cameras with infrared technology for night vision, operating 24 hours a day, which will provide greater security in various municipalities of the state.

52 communication towers.

304 new crosswalks included in the traffic light system, 50 were adaptive, that is to say, by means of 162 doppler radars, they will prioritize the passage of emergency, transport and security vehicles that are in the system and have their GPS activated.

302 traffic light controllers, one four-light vehicular traffic light, 56 three-light vehicular traffic lights and 2,353 three-light pedestrian traffic lights.

The Safe Yucatan program is providing equipment, technology and strong training to the police to increase the number of security cameras from 2,248 to 6,775. As part of these efforts, the C-5i was created and the Police Academy will become a Police University, in addition to surveillance drones and the modern Bell 429 helicopter, considered the best equipped of its kind in Latin America, as well as speedboats for coastal surveillance.

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