Renovation work in the National Cinematheque in Mérida

Between September and December 2023, the Yucatán government will implement a project to equip and condition the “Manuel Barbachano Ponce” National Cinematheque, inside the “Armando Manzanero” theater in Mérida.

This will be carried out through a collaboration agreement between the state government, through the Secretariats of Culture and the Arts (Sedecculta), Administration and Finance (SAF); and the Mexican Institute of Cinematography (Imcine).

Imcine will grant an economic subsidy derived from the budget program “Promotion of Mexican Cinema” (Focine) 2023, to buy equipment and/or conditioning of film exhibition spaces and projects (Exhibition Spaces).

With this fund, the Cineteca will obtain a new projection screen, to improve the quality of the exhibitions and they will maintain the Christie projector in the room, including the lens.

The state government reported that the computer and audio equipment will also be modernized to create a suitable environment for the projections, the seats inside will be upholstered, and two new air conditioners will be purchased and installed. The above will be achieved with a co-investment of 856,752.15 pesos.

The Cineteca was inaugurated in 2000 at the same time as the reopening of the “Teatro Mérida”, now “Armando Manzanero”.

Likewise, it is named after a prominent Yucatecan who was a producer, director, screenwriter, and promoter of the seventh art and independent Mexican cinema in the State.

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