Renán Barrera supports young people with the University Excellence Scholarship Program

At the Mérida City Council, we fulfill our commitment to support young people in their academic and professional development by providing increasing assistance and opportunities for them to complete their university studies. We are becoming a municipality where everyone grows together,” said Mayor Renán Barrera Concha.

The Mayor recalled that one of the new programs to bolster students in their professional development is the University Excellence Scholarship program, which aims to benefit 500 students with financial support.

“This program, announced last July and approved by the City Council, consists of a scholarship that will provide financial support of five thousand pesos per semester, issued in two payments. This is recognition for young people who strive every day to secure their professional future by achieving excellent grades,” he mentioned.

Barrera Concha added that this program represents an investment of 2.5 million pesos per semester for the student community.

Currently, this program has completed the document reception process at the Educational Support Window of the Social Development Directorate, starting with the socio-economic studies to determine who are the candidates to apply for the scholarship.

For their part, the applicants thanked Renán Barrera for implementing this program and recognized his interest in benefiting the student community, as it represents significant savings for their families.

Finally, these scholarships are added to the actions of Mayor Renán Barrera to promote the education of young people, as they are part of the catalog of programs aimed at supporting the economy of families, such as “Computadora en Casa,” “Ver por Mérida,” among others.

TYT Newsroom