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Remodeling of the Los Héroes bridge is part of IE-TRAM in Mérida

by Yucatan Times
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With the removal of rails, work began under the bridge at the exit to the Los Héroes subdivision, which is part of the IE-TRAM infrastructure, as announced by the head of the Yucatán Highway Infrastructure Institute (Incay), Sergio Chan Lugo, who said that the overpass will be modified so that traffic in the area decreases and give priority through an exclusive traffic light to electric transportation.

For now, a backhoe removed the rails, and the adaptation is being carried out on the ground, without interfering with daily vehicular movement. “The intention is to affect the movement of the area as little as possible,” remembering that it was possible to “reduce to the maximum” the closure of roads and deviations on streets 39, 7 and 45 towards the peripheral.

From what could be observed and found out, the plan is to modify traffic in the same way as was already done on the Cholul exit bridge, where the roundabout was removed so that vehicles could cross the ring road in a straight line.

By not having to go around a roundabout, travel time will be saved and, above all, excessive crowding of vehicles during peak hours will be avoided.

Workers could be observed taking measurements and calculating the necessary dimensions to make room for three lanes, one to enter Los Héroes from 7th Street, another to leave the subdivision to join 45th Street and the exclusive one for the IE-TRAM.

He does not know what will happen to the current lanes, if they will be kept as they are so that they continue to function as returns or if they will be adapted so that the return of vehicles is more direct, without having to go around, as happens in the exit overpass to Cholul.

The intervention on that bridge was completed in the summer of 2023 and since then the vehicle load has been reduced by 30 percent and carbon dioxide emissions by an estimated up to 50 percent, according to the State Government.

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