Ramírez Marín is out of the Morena internal process and is the laughingstock of his former PRI colleagues

The State Council of Morena in Yucatán defined the list of candidates for the gubernatorial candidacy who will proceed to the polling phase on Thursday, as reported by Proceso.

Among those selected is not Senator Jorge Carlos Ramírez Marín, who resigned from the PRI this week to seek the governorship of the state through the coalition of parties aligned with the Fourth Transformation, for which he joined the Green Party.

The selected aspirants are the former delegate of the Ministry of Well-being, Joaquín Díaz Mena; Senator Verónica Camino Farjat; Federal Deputy Rocío Barrera Puc; and legislator Jazmín Villanueva Moo.

On Tuesday, Senator Jorge Carlos Ramírez Marín ended his 40-year membership in the PRI by joining the Green Party of Mexico (PVEM), an ally of Morena. Immediately, Ramírez Marín registered in the internal process of the Fourth Transformation movement to contend for the candidacy for the Yucatán governorship.

After Morena’s decision became known, Paloma Sánchez, the national PRI Communications Secretary, posted a tweet mocking him:

“@jc_ramirezmarin betrayed the PRI and the Front to seek the Yucatán governorship with the Green Party. Two days later, they exclude him from the internal competition.”

She also shared the reaction of PRI federal deputy Rubén Moreira, who shared a news article about Morena’s decision with the message: “This is how they received @jc_ramirezmarin from the other side.”

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