Promoting animal welfare through art in the State of Mexico

Concerns about the environment and animal welfare find expression in artistic form at Farolito Arte, a cultural space located in Coatepec, Estado de Mexico.

This venue opens its doors for film screenings, art and craft exhibitions, and conferences. It also aims to raise awareness about animals in captivity used in zoos and circuses while supporting shelters that rescue abandoned dogs and cats.

The concept was created in 2018, and in mid-2019, Federico Arenas Mayans took it over, expanding its offerings to include musical and dance performances, Veracruz-based productions, as well as forums for literature and poetry.

As part of their efforts, on August 27 and 30, Farolito Arte will screen the winning short films from the 2023 FAUNA Tepoztlán Animal festival, in collaboration with the Xalapeña Film Clubs Network and Maraña es Cultura A.C.

Farolito Arte aims to highlight the integral role that pets play in human life.

These events have been offered with voluntary contributions, and the proceeds from this short film cycle will be used to purchase pet food for two shelters: Maussi Rescate Animal and Coatepecanes.

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