Progreso veteran fisherman dies at sea

Despite feeling unwell in the days leading up to the incident, Mr. Ramiro Lara Castillo, around 50 years old, was determined to go fishing to earn a living. Tragically, he suffered a heart attack at sea, ending his life in the open ocean one morning.

According to reports, Ramiro, a resident of the coastal municipality, went to work as usual in the early hours to catch marine species. He set out to sea with his colleagues, who were aware that he had recently visited a hospital in Mérida due to some health issues.

Knowing the challenging times they are going through because of the abundance of fish, they respected the sailor’s decision to fulfill his duty.

At one point, while they were working, the now-deceased man clutched his chest and collapsed on the boat. The crew immediately returned to shore, seeking assistance from authorities. Unfortunately, there was nothing more they could do; the fisherman had passed away.

Police officers cordoned off the area upon arrival. Later, the family obtained a dispensation for an autopsy to hire a private physician and obtain a death certificate

TYT Newsroom

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