Popocatépetl emits intense smoke, Volcanic Alert Light remains at Yellow Phase 2

The National Center for Disaster Prevention has detected 43 exhalations accompanied by steam, volcanic gases, and considerable amounts of ash.

This Thursday, September 14, it was announced that the Popocatepetl Volcano emitted intense smoke, so emergency and specialized teams are monitoring the activity of the volcano, which remains at Yellow Phase 2.

The State Coordination of Civil Protection Morelos (CEPCM) informs that according to the monitoring maintained in the last 24 hours by the National Center for Disaster Prevention (CENAPRED), 43 exhalations were detected accompanied by steam, volcanic gases, and light amounts of ash, which is dispersed to the southwest.

In case of ash fall, people are urged to avoid outdoor activities, keep doors and windows closed, cover water tanks, as well as protect their eyes, nose, and mouth adequately. At the time of this report, a plume of steam and gas was observed dispersing towards the west-northeast.

Smoke plume over 2,000 meters high

Last Tuesday “Don Goyo”, as he is affectionately called, made a great exhalation, which generated a large smoke that reached more than 2 thousand meters high, authorities did not rule out the fall of ash and asked the population to take precautions, in addition to sanitary measures.

Cenapred insists: do not try to climb the volcano, as explosions occur and throw incandescent fragments, as has been seen recently. Respect the exclusion radius of 12 kilometers from the crater, being inside this zone is not safe.

40 exhalations were detected and 365 minutes of tremor were counted. In case of heavy rains, stay away from the bottom of the ravines, due to the danger of mud and debris flows.

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