Home Feature ‘Pocho’, was a 445 kg crocodile and “pet” of a fisherman in Costa Rica

‘Pocho’, was a 445 kg crocodile and “pet” of a fisherman in Costa Rica

by Magali Alvarez
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A tender story of friendship happened in Costa Rica and quickly went around the world. It is about the “friendly” bond formed by the fisherman known as ‘Chito’ and the crocodile baptized as ‘Pocho’. According to science, they cannot live together, but the love between the two would have proved the opposite. Continue reading this story and judge for yourself.

Fearless at 445 kilos, ‘Chito’ developed a great love for ‘Pocho’ the crocodile. Adopting him as his pet, the fisherman forged a strong bond of friendship with the animal. Beyond his imposing figure, his 70 teeth and the impact he may cause when seeing him… for Gilberto Shedden, better known as ‘Chito’, ‘Pocho’ became his adorable pet to whom he taught to paw, turn around and raise his head.

The whole love story between human and crocodile began a long time ago, recalls ‘Chito’. Getting nostalgic, the fisherman mentions that he found ‘Pocho’ on the verge of death after being shot. Taking care of him and healing him, the crocodile recovered and stayed with him.

The peculiar friendship between a human and a crocodile

Chito’ and ‘Pocho’ became inseparable. Strengthening the peculiar friendship, people were amazed to see how the fisherman and the crocodile put on shows in their local river. They even aroused the interest of several media outlets, which sent reporters from all over the world to Costa Rica to report on this unthinkable event. Yes, “the friendship between ‘Chito’ and ‘Pocho’.
Sadly, ‘Pocho’ passed away unexpectedly. For no reason and with no history of illness, the crocodile appeared dead in the river to the lamentation of ‘Chito’. The funeral caught everyone’s attention and the fisherman said goodbye to his pet, his “friend”.

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