Patriotic craving? How about some “Enchiladas a la Michoacana” from doña Ángela

Mexico’s culinary art has conquered palates around the world, but few have managed to highlight the essence and tradition of Mexican cuisine as Doña Ángela has done.

Her YouTube channel is a living testimony of the passion and dedication with which traditional Mexican food is prepared. Michoacán-style enchiladas are just a sample of the love and flavor that Doña Ángela puts into each dish.

Among the 452 videos that Doña Ángela has shared on her YouTube account for the past three years, the one with the most views is the one in which she shows how enchiladas Michoacán style are prepared, with almost 12 million views.

“Enchiladas as we make them here in Michoacán. From Mi Rancho a Tu Cocina this is how we enjoy enchiladas here in Michoacán and in my ranch we love them,” posted the lady, who has gained fame year after year.

Take that Gordon Ramsay! Doña Ángela surpasses the British chef on YouTubeBy August 2020, at the height of the pandemic, Doña Ángela, who overcame her fears, began transmitting cooking recipes from a very modest place. She broke boundaries and shared credits with the most influential women in the country.

Doña Ángela was ranked among the 100 most powerful women in Mexico.

On August 20, 2019, she posted her first video on YouTube with a recipe to prepare huitlacoche; and in three years her community totals 4.2 million followers.

Among the most outstanding comments, we found the following:

At first I thought Doña Angela needed a stove, but now I think I’m the one who needs that stove, it’s amazing!

It reminded me of my childhood, when my grandmother used to prepare these enchiladas for us and tell us about her homeland, which is Michoacán; now it’s my turn to prepare them for her.

The sound of the water, of the boiling oil, of the utensils in her kitchen, make her transmissions real and authentic. Magic.

God bless you, I am Dominican and I love Mexican food.

Thank you, Doña Angela, now, thanks to you, the one who is very happy is my wife. I spoil her by making her the stews you prepare and she is very happy.

I see her and I see my grandmother, although I am from Bolivia, my grandmother cooked her food with the same care, with the same love. God bless you, Señito.

The tomato sauce and chilies are a must… I love the way she prepares them. Kiss, my lady, from this boy from Brazil.

The enchiladas from Michoacan are the tastiest, thanks for the recipe!

How tender and beautiful this lady is, you can see the happiness in her face….. God bless her.

You are an authentic traditional cook, you don’t need any contest or anything like that, just the way you are, you are loved. Greetings from Yucatan.

That kitchen you have is perceived with “home warmth”, I love to see you cooking. May God continue to give health and harmony to Doña Angelita and her entire family.

I love it, I am fascinated by the simplicity and simplicity with which Doña Angela cooks. Your meals, besides being delicious, are an example of the pride of Mexican gastronomy.

I am very proud to be Mexican because of people like you.

From my ranch to your kitchen, Doña Ángela breaks it down on the web.

Beyond the recipes and ingredients, Doña Ángela has woven a global community that celebrates and respects the culinary traditions of Mexico. Her cooking not only satisfies the appetite, but also feeds the heart and soul, reminding us of the value of traditions, family love and pride in being Mexican. So every time you light your stove or try a Doña Ángela’s recipe, remember that you are participating in an ancient ritual that celebrates the richness and diversity of Mexican culture. ¡Buen provecho!

As of 2023, subscribers make her channel the most visited on YouTube, above even many international chefs.

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