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Parque Anikabil in Ciudad Caucel, what is the Mérida City Council doing about it?

by Sofia Navarro
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The improvement of the archaeological and botanical park Anikabil in Ciudad Caucel, announced by the Mérida City Council as the “Anicabil Archaeological Linear Park,” could become another incomplete project by Mayor Renán Barrera. According to citizens, the project does not match with the information initially provided.

The Mayor supervised the project on May 15th and, at that time, it was claimed to be 90 percent complete and would be finished in approximately one month. However, after it was documented and exposed by the local media, it was forgotten and remained unfinished.

Now, it has been confirmed that the project is not complete and has not been officially handed over, although there is a plaque that states, “This park was inaugurated by Mr. Renán Barrera Concha to promote family coexistence…” several areas in the park are stll unfinished.

What’s more, there is no real evidence of the alleged investment of $6,143,500 pesos, as stated by David Loría Magdub, director of Public Works, during the supervision. This figure contradicts a billboard installed on 81 Diagonal Street, which indicates that the total investment was 3.4 million pesos, which results in a difference of more than 2.6 million pesos.

This makes citizens suspect that the money was solely allocated to the corridor between 81 and 71 streets in the La Herradura neighborhood of Ciudad Caucel.

While around 20 concrete benches, picnic tables, garbage bins, bike racks, and submersible pumps for irrigation have been installed, the rest of the infrastructure announced, such as a new pedestrian and truck path is missing. Furthermore, there is no evidence of lighting for these pathways.

Another issue is that there are ramps for people with disabilities, but the rocky path poses a risk to wheelchair users, the elderly, and even cyclists.

The project aimed for a “regeneration of the landscape and social activation… caring for the environment and creating spaces for healthier habits and strengthening social bonds,” according to a statement from the City Council.

However, as of today, it appears that the park has been abandoned to deteriorate, with polluted and vandalized areas. It has been 105 days since Renán Barrera’s supervision, and the project remains the same as that day.

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