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Parents of the 43 missing from Ayotzinapa set up indefinite sit-in outside Military Camp 1

by Magali Alvarez
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To demand that the Mexican Army hand over all the information it has in its possession about the Ayotzinapa case, fathers and mothers of the 43 normalistas who disappeared in 2014 set up an indefinite sit-in outside Gate 1 of Military Camp 1, in Mexico City.

Once today’s protest rally was over, Mrs. María de Jesús Tlatempa Bello sat knitting on the pavement in front of the gate of the military installations with the photograph of her son José Eduardo Bartolo.

“We are here to demand that the Army give us those documents that are missing. Although the President has told us that everything has been delivered and that nothing is missing, but we see that the reports of the Interdisciplinary Group of Independent Experts are missing.

“We could not advance in the investigations because we ran into the Army,” said Cristina Bautista, mother of the student Benjamin Ascencio.

In the framework of the day of struggle for the nine years since the disappearance of the normalistas, Melitón Ortega, spokesman for the relatives, assured that the sit-in -the first one they are carrying out in these facilities- is indefinite, since it will not be lifted until they have an answer about the documents they are demanding.

“We are not here to confront the military, we are here to tell them that they have a responsibility and a commitment that they have been denying… “

He explained that on the part of the armed forces there were communication interventions, monitoring by the C4, “there are photographs and videos that they have had at all times. In addition, the reports indicate that they were involved, that a group of military personnel was doing tours from the Palace of Justice, Juan N. Alvarez Avenue and they were at the Cristina clinic. They were also in Santa Teresa, where the soccer players were attacked”.

He explained that the sit-in will be the “center of operation from where we will not move in the following days to carry out different programmed activities, even to go to the national march on the 26th,” which will reach the Zócalo in Mexico City.

On Conscripto Avenue, and with the help of students from different rural teacher training colleges, a large tent was set up to house the demonstrators. During the course of the day, members of organizations in solidarity with this movement will arrive to provide support and food to the fathers and mothers of the normalistas.

Inside the military installations, personnel equipped with shields and helmets are in formation, in addition they have placed a barricade with barbed wire, sacks with sand, tire spikes and sticks to protect the installations.

“We are missing 43” and “These are the perpetrators”, are some of the banners that the demonstrators placed at the entrance of gate 1.

With this activity they begin their day of struggle in the framework of the 9 years since the attack against the students in Iguala, Guerrero, on September 26 and 27, 2014.

From now until the 27th “we are going to demand, to say that our movement, that of the fathers and mothers, is peaceful and the only thing we want is to know the truth and that all the information that the institutions have to hand it over to help clarify the issue of the 43,” said Melitón Ortega, spokesman for the family members.

Students from the Normal Rural School of Ayotzinapa are also at the site.

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