Outsider street vendors leave a ‘mess’ in the streets of Escarcega, Campeche

Escárcega, Campeche.- Local vendor Yanuario Sánchez Méndez and the resident of the Centro neighborhood Fermín López Salvador, Escárcega, accuse a group of fruit and vegetable suppliers known as “los Poblanos” of throwing spoiled products on the public road, on the corner of 29th and 22nd street, where they perform unloading maneuvers near the municipal market “José del Carmen González Salazar”, so they ask the authorities to sanction them for polluting.

They explain that these merchants from the state of Puebla are owners of trucks that arrive at 22nd Street in the Emiliano Zapata neighborhood in Escarcega, to unload fruits, vegetables and merchandise, but after fulfilling that task, they leave the corner full of wastes and trash instead of collecting their garbage and depositing it in a container.

“This is a company that should have containers to place the fruits and vegetables that are no longer useful, but instead they send their workers on tricycles to leave the waste in the street, where these decompose nearby houses that are affected by the stench,” said Fermin Lopez.

While the merchant Yanuario Sanchez explained that workers of “los Poblanos” wait until there are no people on the street to throw the waste of fruits and vegetables on the public road, regardless of the fact that they harm the health of the population in addition to polluting the environment with these actions.

“We ask that the corresponding authorities to act against these people, who apart from obstructing the passage of vehicles and pedestrians when they park their trucks on 22nd Street, now throw fruits and vegetables in bad condition on the public road,” said Lopez Salvador.

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