Municipal Music Center opens its doors in Merida

With a concert by children from the Yucatecan capital, the Centro Municipal de Música opened its doors and welcomed 55 young people who are part of the first generation.

In order to provide comprehensive preparation in the artistic field, teach them to play a musical instrument, study and control of the voice, in addition to acquiring theoretical knowledge, this space will offer classes in various specialties, Monday through Friday, from 16:00 hrs until 20:00 hrs.
The school is located on 52nd Street, number 427 A between 43 and 45 in the Centro neighborhood. It has classrooms, a rehearsal area, administrative area, parking spaces and green areas.

In this first stage, the school offers four artistic disciplines: choir, guitar, piano and violin.

The call for the first generation was announced on August 16 and had a positive response.

TYT Newsroom

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