Municipal government launches “We Listen to Yucatán” online platform

In the presence of the coordinator of the State Committee of Team Yucatán, Renán Barrera Concha, as well as the Liaison in Mérida of Team Yucatán, Cecilia Patrón Laviada, this Saturday morning, the President of PAN Yucatán, Asís Cano Cetina, presented “Te Escuchamos Yucatán” (, through which all voices and opinions regarding four pillars of work that will shape the party’s political platform for 2024 will be heard.

The four areas of work in which Yucatecans can participate are Yucatán with Opportunities for All, Yucatán with Human Development, Just and Safe Yucatán, and Green and Sustainable Yucatán. The platform will be available starting next week, and workgroups in different municipalities will begin in the first week of October.

During the press conference, Renán Barrera Concha was presented with his appointment as State Coordinator of Team Yucatán, and Cecilia Patrón Laviada as the Liaison for Mérida of Team Yucatán. Also present at this event was the Secretary of the Municipal Directing Committee of PAN in Mérida, Roxana Morteo Bacelis; the Delegate of PAN’s National Executive Committee in Yucatán, José Luis Ovando Patrón, as well as the General Secretary of PAN Yucatán, Ana Cristina Polanco Bautista.

The PAN leader mentioned that it is important “for the party to consider all the ideas, projects, needs, and contributions that society wishes to provide, as only in this way will we continue to be a competitive state that is fair and offers development opportunities for all.”

The State Coordinator of Team Yucatán, Renán Barrera Concha, emphasized “the responsibility we have to continue building the best version of Yucatán, and we must do it together as one team.”

He reiterated that significant efforts have been made in recent years to improve the quality of life for the population. “The efforts made by the Government of Yucatán under Mauricio Vila and in the municipalities governed by PAN Yucatán have been worthwhile, and that’s why it’s crucial to maintain the pace of work.”

Regarding the “Te Escuchamos Yucatán” platform, Renán Barrera stressed that “our goal is to listen to all the ideas, proposals, dreams, goals, and needs of the population through it, enabling us to continue improving and transforming the state, increasingly accurately and in line with the growth of our cities and the national and international reality surrounding us.”

The State Coordinator reiterated that “all Yucatecans are invited to build, promote, and make a new stage of transformation and improvement in the quality of life a reality. No one can be left behind in the work dynamics we have established for the coming years.”

“The only requirement is to love Yucatán, to be committed to Yucatán, to want to see Yucatán continue to grow with equal opportunities for all, with a better quality of life for all. What we want is to build, progress, and transform responsibly, with a short, medium, and long-term vision, without anyone trying to reinvent Yucatán,” he concluded.

Cecilia Patrón, Liaison for Mérida of Team Yucatán, pointed out that “for us as a party, being able to listen to the people is fundamental, and as one team, we will go out to the streets to receive the proposals of society. In Mérida and Yucatán, the people lead.”

She expressed her confidence in collecting all the necessary information to achieve the desired goals in Mérida and Yucatán. “On our platform, we will reflect what people want and feel, and who better than they are to tell us what needs improvement.”

The areas of work in which society can make contributions are as follows:

Yucatán with Opportunities for All

  • Better-paid jobs with social security
    Sustainable economic growth is built on a decent wage for all workers. It is necessary to review labor policy and attract investments that require a lot of labor.
  • Rural Development and Fishing
    Without a productive countryside, there is no enduring development. Promoting the production and marketing of agricultural, livestock, and fishery products is a priority.
  • Traditional Economy and Community Services
    Supporting artisans and farmers to preserve our identity. Support for service workers.
  • Opportunities for the future: promoting youth employment
    Our young people will have to compete with the world. It is essential to prepare them by educating them in future professions.
  • Nearshoring
    Yucatán will be the gateway to the US East Coast. We need to invest in infrastructure, energy, security, and human capital to attract investments.
  • Tourism
    We need to care for our tourism heritage. Responsible tourism that respects the environment should be promoted. Support for tourism sector workers.

Yucatán with Human Development

  • Health
    Medicine supply policy; Timely care at the first and second levels; Public Health Services (vaccination, fumigation); 24/7 care; Care in all municipalities.
  • Education
    English classes and future-focused knowledge: programming, robotics, creative thinking. Well-paid and recognized teachers; Improvement of educational infrastructure.
  • Decent Housing
    Promote effective access to decent housing for all. Generate orderly and sustainable urban development.
  • Human, Dignified, and Sustainable Transportation
    Continuing the transformation of transportation in Yucatán: more bicycles and decent buses. Promoting electrified transportation.
  • Sports promotion
    More sports in all our communities. All children should practice a sport.
  • Culture
    Promotion of culture in every corner of Yucatán and making it accessible to all.

Just and Safe Yucatán

  • Empowerment of Women
    Women will fully exercise their human rights; it is necessary to eliminate all forms of violence against women and increase their economic, political, and social autonomy.
  • Autonomous and Happy Elderly
    Challenge: autonomy of our elderly. One way: centers for physical activities, adult education, and recreation areas.
  • LGBTI+
    Ensuring respect, inclusion, and active participation in society. Necessary protection against any expression of violence and discrimination.
  • People with Disabilities
    Adapting public services to guarantee effective access to health, education, transportation, and employment.
  • Peace for All
    Maintaining and improving security in Yucatán; More and better police with better technology.
  • Justice for All
    A system ensuring access to justice does not depend on socio-economic status.

Green and Sustainable Yucatán

  • Access to Clean Water
    The need for water and sanitation infrastructure; promoting rational and efficient water use; protecting and restoring water resources.
  • Mitigation and Adaptation to Climate Change
    Transition to a low-carbon economy; energy efficiency in transportation; detection and mitigation of risks on the coast.
  • Comprehensive Solid Waste Management
    Implementation of a comprehensive solid waste system, including separation, treatment, and proper disposal.
  • Promotion of Renewable and Clean Energy
    Promoting renewable and clean energy generation projects; facilitating access to clean energy for all economic sectors; promoting rational and efficient energy use.
  • Conservation of the State’s Natural Heritage

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