Motorist knocks down a pole and ends up overturned in the south of Mérida

A serious accident occurred on Friday, September 22, when a Chevy-type compact vehicle ended up overturned in the Roble Agrícola neighborhood south of Mérida, after colliding with a pole and knocking it down.

The incident took place when the vehicle’s driver was traveling on 16th Street and, upon reaching the intersection of 73rd and 75th Streets in the mentioned neighborhood, for reasons still unknown, lost control, mounted the sidewalk, and collided with a metal lamppost, which ended up knocked down with cables hanging, causing the vehicle to overturn on the asphalt.

It is said that the driver may have been an electrician or plumber, as several tools were thrown out and ended up scattered on the street.

Paramedics arrived at the scene and assessed the person, who had to be transported to a hospital.

TYT Newsroom

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