Motorist kills a deer with her Nissan Tiida compact car on the Merida-Tetiz highway

The federal highway from Mérida to Tetiz once again recorded an unusual accident, where a woman named Rosa Elena A. I, approximately 50 years old, driving a Nissan Tiida, ended up hitting a deer that suddenly crossed her path.

Ms. Elena was heading in her Tiida with license plate YWE499E to enjoy the beach in Celestún with her family.

However, at kilometer 23 of that stretch, a white-tailed deer jumped out of the woods, giving her no chance to avoid hitting it head-on.

The collision was so strong that the animal died instantly and lay by the side of the road, ready to be picked up.

However, SSP agents who arrived had to quickly inform Semarnat (Mexican federal agency for environmental protection) because this species is protected.

TYT Newsroom

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