More than 2,000 volunteers clean Progreso beaches

Last weekend (September 23 and 24), a total of 810 volunteers joined the “Limpiemos Yucatán” program to carry out an outstanding cleaning task on the beaches of Progreso and in the communities of Chuburná, Chelem, and Chicxulub.

In this second edition of the simultaneous cleaning in the coastal area, a total of 2,125 volunteers participated, bringing together more people compared to the previous year when 1,103 volunteers participated. Together, they managed to collect a total of 4,695.2 kilograms of waste, which is equivalent to an average of approximately 2.21 kilograms per volunteer.

Likewise, these actions are added to the constant work of the City Council in coordination with the departments of Prolimpia and Public Services and Ecology, which through citizen reports have carried out more than 400 cleaning and clearing jobs on streets that functioned as clandestine garbage dumps, putting the health of Progreso families at risk.

Finally, the authorities called on citizens in general to participate in this and other programs that promote the comprehensive benefit of the municipality.

TYT Newsroom

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