Mexican Fashion Designer Barragán presents its new collection at the AIFA

Whether it’s quesadillas, lucha libre, tianguis, or now a fashion runway. The facilities of the Felipe Ángeles International Airport have been the stage for all these things that only happen in Mexico Mágico.

This comes after the Mexican designer, Víctor Barragán, presented his recent fashion collection within the emblematic airport of President López Obrador’s government, AIFA, on Wednesday.

Through a live stream on Instagram, the designer of the Barragán fashion label showcased models walking on one of the conveyor belts at the airport, with the aim of presenting the garments from his collection titled ‘SS24 show’.

The outfits presented by Víctor were characterized by a style reminiscent of a convoy or one that resembled what the members of the “YMCA” theme wore.

He also incorporated symbolic elements from countries like Mexico and Germany into the garments.

But he maintained his creative proposal, one that breaks with the norms and challenges the boundaries of fashion, gender, aesthetics, and beauty, as something that distinguishes Barragán is its narrative that “keeps us questioning our context and our way of consumption, and not just in terms of fashion.”

As expected, the video, which has only been online for a few hours, has already divided opinions. Some internet users applaud Victor’s initiative and creativity, while others criticize him for using AIFA for everything except its intended purpose, flights.

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