Mayor of Cotija, Michoacán kidnapped after leaving a shopping plaza in Jalisco

On Saturday, September 23rd, it was reported that Yolanda Sanchez Figueroa, mayor of Cotija, Michoacan, was kidnapped after leaving a shopping mall in Zapopan, Jalisco.

The mayoress of Cotija, Michoacán was kidnapped after leaving a shopping mall in Jalisco.

According to the information, the events took place around 6:55 p.m. on Saturday, September 23rd, at the intersection of Patria Avenue and Gabrielle D’Annunzio Street, in the Jardines de La Patria neighborhood, in Zapopan.

Sanchez Figueroa and two women left the shopping plaza and when they boarded a rental car on Paseo Andares Boulevard to be taken to their destination, they were intercepted by a group of armed men who abducted the Mayor.

Meanwhile, the Jalisco Prosecutor’s Office is carrying out operations to find the whereabouts of the mayor of Cotija, Michoacán; while the Special Prosecutor’s Office for Missing Persons (FEPD) deployed operations with investigation work in cabinet and field.

In addition, the Jalisco Prosecutor’s Office maintains communication with the Michoacán Prosecutor’s Office to strengthen the search operation and to clarify the facts.

However, it was reported that in Michoacan state authorities have not taken an official position on the incident.

It is also not yet known if the victim’s family has filed the corresponding criminal complaint.

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