Mayan Train worker dies after health complications in Playa del Carmen

A Maya Train project worker died due to health complications and lack of adequate medical care in Playa del Carmen.

According to initial reports, the man was working on section 5 South, near the Villas del Sol subdivision, in the municipality of Solidaridad (Playa del Carmen), when he began to feel ill.

His co-workers alerted supervisors upon realizing his condition, and the man was taken to a health center nearby in a private vehicle.

During the trip, witnesses report that the man began to convulse and subsequently suffered what they described as a heart attack.

It is reported that the initial health center was not properly equipped to handle the emergency, so they requested assistance from another hospital. Tragically, when the ambulance arrived to take him to the second medical center, the man no longer had vital signs.

So far, authorities have not revealed the identity of the deceased or whether he suffered from any pre-existing illnesses. An investigation is underway to determine the exact circumstances that led to the seizures and suspected heart attack that ended the worker’s life.

TYT Newsroom