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Mauricio Vila announces the construction of a brewery: “It will boost the state economy”

by Magali Alvarez
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Attracted by Yucatán’s competitive advantages, important companies, such as Heineken, are choosing the state to invest and bring jobs to Yucatecan families.

Governor Mauricio Vila Dosal announced that Heineken will install a brewery in the municipality of Kanasín, which will represent an investment of 8.7 billion pesos and the creation of more than 2,000 direct and indirect jobs.

Accompanied by the CEO of Heineken Mexico, Guillaume Duverdier, and the Secretary of Economy of the Government of Mexico, Raquel Buenrostro Sanchez, the Governor announced this good news, which will detonate the economy and opportunities in the interior of the state, as has been the vision of his state administration.

The governor affirmed that this good news is the result of two years of negotiations.

The attractiveness of Yucatan

Guillaume Duverdier affirmed that Yucatan was chosen because of the opportunities it offers, being a state with a unique beauty, an important disposition of resources and a great road and port connection, which makes it an ideal option.

He acknowledged the coordinated work that the authorities of Mexico, Yucatan and the entire southeast are carrying out to make it an attractive area for investments that generate development, an impulse that the brewery joins. For this reason, he reiterated Heineken’s confidence and commitment to Yucatan and the southeast of the country.

In his message, the governor affirmed that this good news is the result of two years of negotiations and coordinated work with the three levels of government to make Yucatan the ideal place for the arrival of this investment.

How many Yucatecans were lifted out of poverty in 2023?

Before the mayor of Kanasín, Edwin Bojórquez Rodríguez, Vila Dosal asserted that the state is living a historic moment, proof of this, the year 2021 was the year with the highest economic growth and with the greatest generation of jobs in our history; 2022 was the year with the highest arrival of foreign direct investment, with the highest record of tourist arrivals and the safest, according to data from the Executive Secretariat of Public Security.

But that’s not all, he continued, in the month of June of this year historical figures were achieved in workers affiliated to the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS) and the highest salary in the history of Yucatan was also recorded.

In the presence of the Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Mexico, Wilfred Mohr, the governor indicated that today we can affirm that in the Coneval evaluation, in the last two years 236,000 Yucatecans were lifted out of poverty, which represents 10% of our population, achieving the lowest rate of poverty and extreme poverty in the history of our state.

“This is what is achieved when we work with the style that characterizes us in Yucatán, which is as a team, without colors or distinctions, and we focus on a policy of job creation,” added Vila Dosal, accompanied by the head of the Ministry of Economic Development and Labor (SEFOET), Ernesto Herrera Novelo.

How big is the new brewery?

Vila assured that his government has the determination that the best way to get people out of poverty is by generating formal jobs with better salaries and, on the same subject, he highlighted that Yucatan is the third state in the country taking the most advantage of nearshoring, besides, in July, the Inegi published the salary data at a national level, where the state grew by 17%, compared to the national average which was 11%, added to this, the salary of the poorest grew to 44%, when in the country it increased to 17%.

“The great challenge is to make this great moment that the state is experiencing sustainable in the long and medium term, therefore, I thank the President for having focused on the southeast and directed his efforts to lay the foundations in infrastructure for growth in the next 20 years,” he added, noting that, nationally, inequality is being reduced at a rate of -3%, but in Yucatan, the reduction is 3 times greater, because we are at -9.4%.

Finally, Vila Dosal reaffirmed that his administration will continue to make the changes needed to transform the state for the better, working until the last day with a teamwork style.

This plant will be built on a property with an estimated area of 133 hectares and is a project aligned with the sustainability strategy of the international firm worldwide, responsible for the environment and the community from the origin, with circularity practices that ensure the efficient use of resources, with a commitment to generate zero waste in production, work with renewable electricity, with processes, equipment, and technology of last generation.

A large investment is expected in this region

The Secretary of Economy of the Mexican Government indicated that the arrival of a Heineken plant in Yucatan is a sign of confidence and the favorable environment offered, since the southeast is experiencing a great moment and offers great development opportunities.

The federal official asserted that this plant will help close the inequality gap in the south-southeast and will become a watershed that will encourage the arrival of more investment to this region. “Heineken will generate more jobs and strengthen the region’s value chain”.

As an innovation, this project has the vision of using 2.0 liters of water for every liter of beer produced by 2030 and will integrate a wastewater treatment plant, with potential reuse in its own processes, for other uses and industries.

It would be the company’s eighth plant in the country and the one to be built in the state is intended to be a tractor for other companies to supply local inputs, such as aluminum, glass, steam, among others. Its location will strengthen the value chain and the operational integration of Heineken Mexico in the southeast of the country.

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