Layda Sansores gives Grito de Independencia in Campeche

Not even the rain discouraged the thousands of Campechanos who witnessed the ceremony of the Grito de Independencia in the Plaza de la República, where the governor of Campeche led the ceremony of cheers to the Mexican heroes from the balcony of the Executive Palace.

Accompanied by the representatives of the State Powers, as well as the armed forces, the governor honored the patriotic heroes such as Miguel Hidalgo, Josefa Ortiz de Dominguez, Jose Maria Morelos y Pavon, Ignacio Allende, Javier Mina, Juan Aldama, among others, who were also cheered by the Campeche citizens present.
In the middle of the ceremony, and previously, the heads of the State Powers, held a meeting with 22 Persons Deprived of Liberty (PPL), who received at the hands of the constitutional governor of Campeche, their official pardon and will return to their families, after fighting part of his sentence under the premise of good behavior or unjust sentences.

Sansores San Roman in a Facebook post, stated that the goal is to give freedom to at least 500 PPL, therefore instructed the legal team and the president of the Superior Court of Justice of the State, Leticia Lizama Centurión, to work on the cases of greatest injustice in the prisons of Campeche and Carmen, as she assured: “I know that they are already other people, and are ready to return to society”.

The atmosphere was enlivened by local groups, so that at approximately 11:30 p.m., they were linked by transmission with the event of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador in the Zócalo of Mexico City.
Afterwards, the Noche Mexicana concert was given by singer Espinoza Paz, who delighted the audience with his hits El próximo viernes, Una mushasha linda de Shihuahua, among others.

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