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Jaguarundi: Get to know the world’s most mysterious feline that roamed the streets of Cholul

by Sofia Navarro
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Despite being a small feline, it is one of the most temperamental and fierce. That’s why the sight of a jaguarundi strolling through the streets of Cholul caused alarm among the locals.

According to some reports, the animal entered a house to catch and eat a chicken before fleeing.

There is still no more information available about what the specimen was doing in the streets of Cholul. There is a rumor that a neighbor might have it as a pet, but this information has not been officially confirmed.

The jaguarundi (Herpailurus yagouaroundi/yaguarundí), also known as the “gato moro,” is a smaller feline than a puma. It can weigh between three to seven kilograms and measures between 61 to 84 centimeters in length and between 44 to 67 centimeters in height. It’s worth noting that males tend to be larger than females.

The jaguarundi has a small head, a long body that ends in a long tail, and is characterized by its short legs. It is gray, brown, or black and lacks any type of spots or stripes. Its habitat is in the coastal areas of Mexico.

There haven’t been many studies on the jaguarundi because it is an incredibly stealthy feline that moves silently through its habitat, often going unnoticed. However, it is more present than one might imagine.

The Felidae Conservation Fund confirms that the jaguarundi is distributed throughout Mexico, with its habitat primarily in lowland areas along the Pacific coast.

Due to its small size, it is often mistaken for a domestic cat when it is a cub. However, as it grows, its size becomes almost double that of a typical housecat.

It is incredibly stealthy, and even in its natural habitat, it is rare to spot. This is why its presence in the streets of Cholul raised many questions about whether the feline was already there and where it went, as its stealthiness can pose a danger to the population.

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