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It has been revealed that with just 5 pesos, it is possible to invest in Mexico’s Real Estate

by Sofia Navarro
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Contrary to the common belief that large sums of money are needed to acquire properties, new alternatives have emerged, democratizing access to this sector for a wide range of investors.

This new approach is based on the implementation of real estate investment trusts (REITs), financial vehicles that manage multiple properties and are traded on the stock exchange.

These real estate investment trusts, also known as REITs, allow investors to purchase shares in a trust that pools a diversified portfolio of real estate, which can include everything from residential buildings to shopping centers.

Surprisingly, shares of some REITs have been available for as little as 5 pesos. An example is Fibra Inca, which manages a portfolio of 38 hotels, and its shares can be acquired for as low as 5.65 pesos.

Another option is Fibra Shock, specializing in commercial properties, which also offers investment opportunities with minimal amounts.

However, one option that stands out among the alternatives is Fibra Uno, whose shares have traded for as much as 24.35 pesos. Despite its seemingly higher price, this REIT manages a portfolio of over 660 properties.

This gives investors an advantage in terms of diversification and risk minimization, as they do not depend on the performance of a single property. Instead, they have access to a wide range of options for generating rental income on a quarterly basis.

In addition to short-term benefits, investors can also consider the potential appreciation in the value of shares in the long term. As the real estate market evolves and develops, the underlying properties in REITs could increase in value, resulting in profits for investors.

This trend marks a significant shift in how real estate investment is perceived in Mexico. The possibility of investing with minimal amounts democratizes access to this market, allowing a broader range of people to participate in one of the most solid and traditional forms of investment.

However, as with any investment, thorough research and understanding of associated risks are crucial before making financial decisions.

In summary, the world of real estate investment is undergoing an innovative transformation in Mexico, where with just 5 pesos, it is feasible to enter this market through real estate investment trusts (REITs). This new dynamic not only democratizes investment but also presents diversification opportunities and long-term growth potential for investors at all economic levels.

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