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Investing in real estate in Mexico is a stable business

by Sofia Navarro
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Due to the Bank of Mexico (Banxico) forecasting a 1.8% growth for Mexico in 2023, experts in the real estate sector estimate that the country will see an increase in real estate investments.

In this regard, the Del Parque development company believes that investing in real estate is one of the most profitable, stable, and resilient businesses in the global economy.

According to the company, the main advantage of this business is the versatility of its assets. “The market has various segments, such as corporate, commercial, industrial, mixed-use, and residential.”

In the country, one of the most dynamic markets is Mexico City, especially in central neighborhoods.

Among the most attractive areas for investment is the Paseo de la Reforma corridor, a central hub that concentrates commercial, cultural, financial, and influential political activities.

“This area is regaining its residential vocation and offers high levels of appreciation, style, and quality of life,” emphasized the company responsible for the University Tower project located in that corridor.

In terms of residential real estate, there are two main forms of purchase: for personal use and for investment, either for renting or resale. Each has its own benefits.

Having real estate as an asset provides financial stability. In general, properties gain value over time, especially if they are newly acquired, in an attractive area, and during the pre-sale phase.

On the other hand, buying for investment offers models such as renting the space (furnished or unfurnished). You can even define the duration (vacation, short-term, or long-term stay). Another option is to acquire the property and sell it later when the area’s appreciation increases its value.

“When buying a property as an investment, it is important to analyze it based on the location, price, quality, variety of offerings, and the dynamics of the demand for purchase or rental, among other factors,” added Del Parque.

Finishes, decoration, amenities, and services should also be considered according to the future buyers’ lifestyle.

“Before choosing the property, it is important to evaluate its future use, as it will depend on the type of property to be acquired, as well as the investment amount, terms, and returns,” recommended.

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