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In Yucatán, they seek to classify crimes using Artificial Intelligence

by Sofia Navarro
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Gaspar Quintal, the coordinator of the PRI (Institutional Revolutionary Party) parliamentary group in the Yucatán Congress, has proposed legislation to classify the violation of sexual privacy and false statements through materials generated or modified by Artificial Intelligence software as criminal offenses.

He explained that the Yucatán Legislative Power has the obligation to legislate as technological developments progress, which are being used worldwide as tools by criminals. Therefore, his initiative aims to punish those who use this type of technology to harm others.

He made this proposal during the general affairs section of the first regular session of the Constitutional Third Year of the local Congress. He pointed out that although the use of Artificial Intelligence tools has been implemented to solve complex tasks and generate responses, it is also being used for criminal activities.

“It is causing society to face ethical and legal challenges that must be addressed by the law, aiming to ensure social well-being and prevent harm that could occur in anyone’s life,” he explained.

In his speech, he called on his fellow lawmakers to consider, analyze, and enrich the proposal when it is sent to committees. He emphasized that this type of technology creates an environment conducive to the commission of highly sophisticated crimes by modifying documents, images, audio, or video.

If the proposal reaches the plenary session and is approved by Yucatán lawmakers, it will establish penalties for individuals who directly or indirectly cause harm to others by disclosing, sharing, distributing, or publishing modified materials. The penalties would range from six months to three years in prison and from one thousand to two thousand Units of Measure and Update (UMA).

Furthermore, as an aggravating factor for the offense of making false statements to authorities, if the evidence provided has been created, generated, or manipulated using Artificial Intelligence software, the penalty would be increased.

For the offense of violating sexual privacy, the penalty would be doubled when images, videos, or audios that are disclosed, shared, or distributed have been generated, manipulated, or created using Artificial Intelligence software to make them appear authentic, real, or original.

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