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IMSS Yucatán recommends celebrating the Mexican Independence Holidays with a healthy menu

by Sofia Navarro
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With the aim of celebrating Independence Day while taking care of our health and that of our entire family, the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS) in Yucatán offers some recommendations for preparing a healthy menu during the festivities that commemorate the 213th anniversary of Mexico’s Independence.

Nutrition specialist Julio César Sandoval Ortiz emphasized that maintaining good eating habits will help protect our health by carefully controlling portion sizes and, if possible, altering some ingredients to reduce fat intake. For example, you can prepare a lower-calorie pozole by replacing pork with chicken breast and adding a generous portion of lettuce, radishes, or vegetables for enjoyment. Similarly, you can reduce the amount of corn grains. Instead of fried tostadas, they could be baked.

For snacks, cucumber, jicama, celery, and watermelon are recommended, as well as natural fruit drinks like hibiscus water or lemonade to accompany the meal.

The nutritionist stressed the importance of paying special attention to people with chronic degenerative conditions to prevent disease mismanagement and potential complications. He also urged them not to discontinue their pharmacological treatment and to follow their doctor’s recommendations.

To ensure the body functions properly, it’s essential to adhere to the principles of a balanced diet: complete, balanced, varied, sufficient, appropriate, and safe. Therefore, it’s important to seek the support and guidance of a nutrition and dietetics specialist, especially if you have an illness or engage in high-performance sports.

Maintaining a healthy diet is possible as long as you follow some recommendations, such as avoiding prolonged fasting, consuming three complete meals at regular times, including a healthy snack in mid-morning and mid-afternoon, incorporating at least one food from each food group into each main meal, reducing the consumption of high-fat foods, and preferring natural water.

In this regard, Mr. Sandoval Ortiz recommended strengthening the immune system through a varied intake of foods rich in antioxidants, especially in vegetables and fruits.

He also encourages the population to consume alcoholic beverages responsibly, and in the case of patients with diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, or uncontrolled blood sugar, avoiding alcohol consumption to prevent complications.

The specialist also extends a thoughtful invitation to reflect on our eating habits responsibly to avoid risk factors associated with overweight, obesity, and non-communicable diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and cancer.

Through the online health page http://www.imss.gob.mx/salud-en-linea/platobiencomer, the entire population can access reliable recommendations for dietary care. You can also consult the “Plato del Bien Comer” (Plate of Good Eating), a guide designed to determine the recommended basic portions based on age, build, and weight.

In the Family Medicine Units (UMF) and Second- and Third-Level Care Hospitals of IMSS in Yucatán, there are nutrition and dietetics specialists trained to guide beneficiaries and patients on their dietary needs according to their lifestyle and/or medical treatment.

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