IMSS Yucatan commemorates its 66th Anniversary providing medical service to the Yucatecan population

The Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS) in Yucatan commemorates 66 years of being committed to the health of Yucatecans, through the various services it provides since its creation on September 1, 1957.

When the administrative delegation began to operate, after being appointed as head of the Regional Delegation of Campeche, Yucatan and Quintana Roo, It was able to sign an agreement for the provision of medical services with the Unión Médica de Yucatán and thus acquire a property in downtown Merida, located at 59th Street by 64th Street, better known as “Casa Palomeque”, where on October 15, 1958, medical services began to be offered to the population.

At that time, the IMSS delegation in Yucatan had 22 administrative employees. Currently, with the designation as a Decentralized Administrative Operation Body, there are now 11,284 workers in the ordinary and IMSS-Bienestar regimen, serving 1,235,820 beneficiaries.

The head of IMSS in Yucatán, Dr. Alonso Juan Sansores Río, stated that for more than six decades, the Institute has been a fundamental pillar in the construction of the welfare and health of Yucatecans, through the different health care and administrative services that make up the social security of workers and their families, by safeguarding their rights and protecting their health and welfare, as well as the rights of their families.

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