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“I steer my future behind the wheel,” a campaign to prevent drunk driving in Merida

by Magali Alvarez
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To protect the integrity and health of the young people, Mayor Renán Barrera Concha works with strategic and preventive programs aimed at avoiding the loss of human lives in road accidents.

Launching of “Voy al Volante, yo conduzco mi futuro. I steer my future behind the wheel”.

With the launching of the preventive program “Voy al Volante. Conduzco mi futuro” will serve a population of 12 thousand students in 50 high schools and universities across Mérida. The Municipal President emphasized that this action has as a priority to eradicate the early consumption of alcohol and other harmful substances, to reduce criminal behavior associated with this practice, and to ensure the development of youth with life decisions based on the full development of their potential.

He explained that the program is currently being implemented in Colima and Campeche, where, as in Merida, it includes lectures based on life experiences, a virtual reality simulator with hypothetical situations, where young people must make a decision and evaluate the consequences of the same.

“We know the importance of prevention, which is why we implement successful programs such as DARE, which focus on reducing addictions and violence among children and young people. Now, with this new program, we will be able to focus on helping the university population decide about their future,” he said.

I’m behind the wheel

At the event held at the Universidad Tecnológica Metropolitana (UTM), Barrera Concha reiterated his commitment to continue working on behalf of young people, their families, and society through innovative prevention programs.

Combating alcohol and drug abuse

Mario Arturo Romero Escalante, Director of the Merida Municipal Police, explained that this program is being implemented in the Municipality based on the experiences of the “De 0 a 100” program, produced by the company Virtus, which has been developing prevention programs since 2005, especially to combat alcohol and drug abuse.

He specified that this program retakes the importance of elaborating actions based on statistical information, providing an innovative survey model among the student population through a virtual reality experience, with a story recorded with local characters, in local scenarios, and with a plot according to the reality of the community where it is developed.

“The importance of “Voy al Volante. The importance of “Voy al Volante. Conduzco mi futuro” lies in the fact that it allows young people to distance themselves from the consumption of harmful substances, as well as offering relevant information for municipal or state authorities to design programs to expand prevention in the municipalities,” she added.

In this sense, student Sayra Ortiz thanked the Mayor for implementing this program that will prevent society from normalizing and glorifying crime and drug use.

“I feel very excited that the Mayor has chosen my school to premiere this program. I hope that the City Council will continue to make programs that keep youth away from crime and drugs,” he said.

Pablo Escobar’s son in conference

It is worth mentioning that the presentation of this program had the participation of the writer, pacifist, and lecturer Juan Sebastián Marroquín Santos, who gave the conference “Pablo Escobar, a Story not to Repeat”, where he narrated his life experience as the son of the Colombian drug trafficker Pablo Escobar and the importance of not resorting to crime or violence as a life option.

Prior to the conference, the Mayor, accompanied by the UTM Rector, María Isabel Rodríguez Heredia, toured the virtual reality classroom, where they explained how this system works.

Finally, the Mayor was accompanied by the director of Virtus, Luis Gerardo Corripio, as well as municipal directors, councilmen, and councilwomen of the Youth and Security Commissions.

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