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How does having an ‘Emotional Support Barbie’ can improve your mental health?

by Sofia Navarro
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Barbie, the world’s most famous doll, continues to surprise, and this time it’s not just for her success at the box office.

In recent months, a trend has emerged that has captured the attention of specialists and enthusiasts alike: “emotional support dolls.” What are they, and how are they influencing the mental health of those who choose them?

“Emotional support dolls” are, as the name suggests, Barbies selected by users to fulfill an important mission: providing confidence, security, and emotional companionship.

This trend gained prominence shortly after the release of the Barbie movie, becoming a unique way to connect with one’s inner child and find comfort in the world’s most iconic doll.

On social media platforms, especially TikTok, users share their experiences visiting toy stores to acquire the doll they always wanted and, at the same time, seek emotional support from it.

Videos often show users observing, hugging, and playing with their Barbies while expressing their joy at having their “Emotional Support Barbie.”

According to specialists, this trend goes beyond the superficial and has significant benefits for mental health. Several studies have shown that symbolically choosing a Barbie can have a positive impact on the emotional well-being of those who participate in this phenomenon.

Kristin Flora, a psychology professor at Franklin College in Indiana, explains that although play is often associated with childhood, these activities in adulthood contribute to a healthy mental environment.

Flora suggests that this practice can help prevent depression, foster a sense of optimism in people’s lives, contribute to more positive decision-making, and promote a generally healthier attitude toward life.

Barbie continues to break barriers and generate meaningful conversations. The trend of “emotional support dolls” demonstrates that the iconic doll is not just a toy but also a source of comfort and emotional support for those who choose to participate in this experience.

In a world where mental well-being is more important than ever, this trend offers an unusual but effective way to care for our emotional health.

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