The Amazonas of Yaxunah, a women’s softball team from this Mayan community belonging to the municipality of Yaxcabá, won their first victory outside of Mexico by defeating the Falcons of the University of Phoenix Valley 22-3 in an exhibition game played at Chase Field Park, home of the Arizona Diamondbacks of the Major League Baseball.

Pitchers Patricia Tec and Juanita Moo combined to win the game and the Amazons’ offense was relentless in overcoming the American team, so the Yucatan team started its first international adventure in the United States on the right foot, as part of the Hispanic Heritage Month activities organized by the Diamonds.
Dressed in their huipil, the traditional dress of Yucatecan Mayan women, the members of the Yucatan team gave their best on the field, as evidenced by the batting of Lili Chan, Citlali Dzib and Berenice Ay, which was important for the victory of the Amazons, who ran, batted and won their game.

After the victory, the Yucatecan ninth invited the Arizona directors to put together a team to return the visit and go to Yaxunah now that the sports field being built for them by the government of Yucatan is inaugurated. In this way, a historic exchange of women’s softball players in the United States was completed.

Tomorrow, Tuesday, the Amazons will throw out the first pitch in the game between the Arizona Diamondbacks and the San Francisco Giants, an official Major League Baseball (MLB) game at Chase Field Stadium in Phoenix.
The exhibition game was attended by Carlos Saenz Castillo, director of the State Sports Institute (IDEY), Juan Jose Arellano Hernandez, executive president of the Leones de Yucatan and representatives of the Arizona Diamondbacks, led by Mariana Patriaca and Debbie Castaldo.

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