Halloween and “Day of the Death” paraphernalia arrives in Merida’s stores

The Fiestas Patrias have just ended and items such as skulls, pumpkins and witches’ hats, among others, are already being sold at a variety of prices and quality, all related to Halloween, a foreign tradition that is becoming more and more ingrained in Yucatecan society.

It is common to see in stores the sale of items allusive to these festivities, before the time, now we see items more typical of dates close to Halloween, even above items related to the Day of the Dead, which can be purchased in supermarkets as well as in most small stores.

Halloween is here to stay in the region, a U.S. tradition of great influence in Mexico.

In Yucatan the tradition is Hanal Pixan, but could Halloween someday replace it? More and more people, mostly young people, are focusing on this foreign tradition, acquiring items such as skulls, pumpkins and costume accessories, among other items to celebrate Halloween.

We can speak of a combination of cultures as a result of various factors such as gentrification in the city, this is seen mostly in areas with stores, supermarkets, restaurants and bars, among others.

what can be found in stores are items and accessories that serve to characterize some fictional horror character, either from works of world literature such as Count Dracula and Frankenstein, to Hollywood movies like Chucky, Freddy Krueger, It, Saw and fashion films like Merlina and even The Nun.

Halloween comes from the expression “All Hallow Eve” and its origin is closely related to this Christian tradition, but also to pagan, Celtic and Roman beliefs that celebrated the end of the harvest and the memory of deceased relatives: the samhain and the mundus patet.

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