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Gastronomic Tourism Corridor reopens to vehicular traffic

by Sofia Navarro
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With the progress of work on the Gastronomic Tourism Corridor on 47th Street, the City Council led by Renán Barrera Concha announced that businesses in the area are adapting their services to allow users to enjoy the new urban landscape in the area.

The Mayor stated that the progress of the project in the area allows for the start of this new stage of tourism and economic development on 47th Street, which enables businesses that choose to do so to place tables, chairs, and planters to offer a different architectural view.

He explained that the Public Works Department continues to make progress on the Gastronomic Tourism Corridor, and with the support of the Municipal Police Department of Mérida, a special operation was carried out to reopen vehicular traffic on three of the four sections that make it up.

“Today, the Gastronomic Tourism Corridor already has a more urban image closer to what it will look like at the end of the project, as can be seen on 56th to 52nd Street, which already has 19 benches and 16 planters, allowing some cafes and restaurants to take advantage of this new look of 47th Street to reopen their doors,” he said.

He also explained that this gradual reopening of businesses is also possible because the Gastronomic Tourism Corridor already has 22 of the 28 lamp posts that will illuminate it, as well as 7 of the 9 transformers that will provide power to this area of the city, with 5 of them already in operation.

“As Public Works progresses in the installation of new urban furniture, more businesses will join in reopening their businesses,” he added.

He emphasized that planters are being installed to green this corridor, which will not only improve the urban image but also provide shade and freshness to users of this space.

On the other hand, the Director of Public Works, David Loría Magdub, pointed out that to contribute to the economic revitalization of the area, road work has been completed at the intersection of 47th Street with 50th Street, and the reopening of vehicular traffic on 47th Street from 56th Street to 50th Street.

“Thinking about the safety and mobility of pedestrians, we have already finished repairing sidewalks on the streets parallel to 47th Street, and on the sections of 56th Street between 47th and 45th Streets, 56th Street between 49th and 47th Streets, 54th Street between 49th and 47th Streets, and 54th Street between 47th and 45th Streets,” he said.

He added that the repair of sidewalks on 52nd Street between 49th and 47th Streets, 52nd Street between 45th and 47th Streets, and 48th Street between 47th and 45th Streets is currently underway.

Additionally, he mentioned that reinforced hydraulic concrete has already been poured at the intersections from 50th Street to 48th Street. Furthermore, work is underway on the placement of bricks in the section of 47th Street between 50th and 48th Streets.

“In these last two sections, the installation of basaltex tiles on the sidewalks also continues. In general, there is a 70% progress in sidewalk work and in the roadbed,” he mentioned.

He indicated that in the final stage, tall planters with trees will be installed, for which the Sustainable Development Unit is supervising this stage.

Finally, he said that the curbs that will delimit the vehicular circulation area from the pedestrian area are being installed, and 30 deep wells have been drilled to drain rainwater in the area.

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