Eight years in prison for attempting to burn a couple alive in Celestún

a person s hands on the table wearing handcuffs
Photo by Kindel Media on Pexels.com

Eduardo “N” will spend eight years, ten months, and twenty days in prison after being sentenced for the crime of attempted murder with premeditation, as he attempted to burn a woman and her husband alive in Celestún in December of last year.

The First Control Judge of the Fourth Judicial District, based in Umán, declared the suspect guilty of the double crime after a simplified trial. This was a better outcome for the defendant, as a regular trial would have resulted in a longer sentence.

On the night of December 10th of last year, Eduardo “N” poured gasoline on the woman and her husband in Celestún, attempting to set them on fire. Thanks to the intervention of neighbors and witnesses, the victims were saved, although they suffered first and second-degree burns.

The suspect was subsequently arrested, and it was revealed that the woman had a romantic relationship with him despite being married.

After being brought before the judge, an agreement was reached between the parties for a simplified trial, and Eduardo “N” was finally sentenced to just over eight years in prison. He must also pay restitution to his victims, have his political rights suspended, and be denied benefits such as sentence substitution.

Additionally, he is prohibited from approaching the complainants and their residence for three years after regaining his freedom.

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