‘Dragon SpaceX’ spacecraft caught in midair over the Yucatan Peninsula

During the night of Sunday, September 3rd, a huge orb of light in the sky caused astonishment to thousands of citizens in the Yucatan Peninsula when observing its passage in the night sky.

Monday, September 4, 2023 – Through social networks, witnesses shared several images and videos of the sphere of light circulating in the sky, all of them were intrigued about its origin.

Minutes later, it was revealed that the strange object was the passage of the ‘Dragon Space X’ Spacecraft returning with its crew members to Earth.

The spacecraft and its crew landed safely in the waters of the Atlantic Ocean, near Florida, United States, carrying four astronauts from NASA’s Crew-6 mission, according to the aerospace company SpaceX on its social networks.

The four astronauts had blasted off six months ago, on March 2, from the Kennedy Space Center, and are now back on Earth.

Their passage was witnessed by thousands of people, among them residents of the Yucatan Peninsula who witnessed their journey through the sky.

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