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Do you like Salsa Macha? Check out these three recipes!

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Salsa macha is a spicy and nutty salsa from Veracruz, Mexico, that is used as a condiment for dishes like quesadillas, tacos, or tostadas. It is made with dried chiles, garlic, peanuts, sesame seeds, oil, vinegar, salt, and sometimes oregano. Here are some recipes for salsa macha in English that you can try:

  • Salsa Macha (Authentic Mexican Recipe) – Mexico In My Kitchen: This recipe uses árbol peppers, which are very hot and give the salsa a nice layer of heat. It also includes tips for making more or less spicy versions of the salsa.
  • Salsa Macha – Chili Pepper Madness: This recipe uses a combination of ancho, guajillo, and chile de arbol peppers, which add different flavors and colors to the salsa. It also has apple cider vinegar and Mexican oregano for a touch of tanginess and aroma.
  • Salsa Macha Recipe | Bon Appétit: This recipe is very simple and easy to make, with only four ingredients: chipotle peppers, peanuts, oil, and salt. It has a smoky and nutty flavor that goes well with many dishes.
  • Salsa Macha (Mexican Chili Oil) – Maricruz Avalos Kitchen Blog: This recipe is similar to the Bon Appétit one, but it adds garlic, sesame seeds, and white vinegar to the mix. It also explains how to store and use the salsa macha for longer periods of time.
  • Salsa Macha Recipe – The Spruce Eats: This recipe is a bit different from the others, as it adds sugar and water to the salsa macha, making it slightly sweeter and thinner. It also uses a mortar and pestle to grind the ingredients, which gives the salsa a more rustic texture.

We hope you enjoy making and tasting these salsa macha recipes.

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