Details on the trials of the Maya Train in the Yucatan Peninsula

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The director explained that the model that was tested was from the Ximbal line, with four cars, which was delivered on July 8. It’s a diesel train.

«The train at the end of the day is an electric train, which has an ultra-low sulfur diesel tank, which at the moment it reaches the PowerPack, which is an engine that it has, transforms that diesel into electrical energy, which passes through a rectifier and stabilizes the power voltage at 1,400 volts, feeds the entire train and becomes a fully electric train, with more than 6,400 different parts, with a capacity for 230 passengers,” the businesswoman explained.

Currently, the type tests of said model are carried out, which are 15 thousand kilometers. For the following units of the same line, only serial tests will be carried out, which will be lower mileage routes, one thousand kilometers.

Regarding the tests, Maite Ramos said that the first day the Mayan Train went from Campeche to Hecelchakán, where it made a stop for a supervision meeting, and then continued to the Teya station, near Mérida.

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