The outbreak of dengue fever in Yucatan continues to register figures well above those of other years, accumulating 3,192 positive cases as of September 4th.

In the last week reported by the Ministry of Health, 556 new infections and one death were confirmed, bringing the total number of victims of the disease this year to 3, an increase of 21.09 percent over the previous week.
Yucatan is in first place nationally in dengue cases. It is followed by Veracruz, with 2,935; Quintana Roo, with 2,518; Puebla, with 1,213; and Morelos, with 1,117.
These five states account for 73% of the total number of cases at the national level, with 14,972 infections.

According to the Special Epidemiological Surveillance System for Dengue, up to Epidemiological Week 35, of the 3,192 infections in Yucatan, there are 1,642 cases of severe dengue (51.4% of the total).

In addition to the three confirmed deaths, there are 10 deaths due to dengue under study in Yucatan, and in the next few days the federal Health Ministry will confirm or rule out if it was the cause of death, based on laboratory results.

Dengue in past years in Yucatan
This year, the disease has rebounded significantly in Yucatan, since at the same time last year there were 37 confirmed infections, with no deaths.

The number to date in 2023 (3,192 infections) is 516.22% higher than the 518 dengue patients at the end of 2022.
This year’s figure already exceeds (by 294%) the highest figure in recent years, which was recorded in 2019 and was 811 cases.

The four serotypes of the disease (DEN-1, DEN-2, DEN-3 and DEN-4), are present in 80 of the 106 municipalities, covering 75.4% of state territory. Serotype 3 predominates.

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