Classes suspended at UNAM due to bloodsucking bedbug massive attack

The Faculty of Chemistry of the UNAM suspended classes to inspect the campus due to several complaints from students about bedbug bites.

Throughout this week, students of the campus located in Ciudad Universitaria spread on networks complaints and photographs of people affected with multiple welts.

“I felt a lot of itching in my neck until I saw myself and I had these welts. Today I was only in the library and in my A classes. I don’t use transportation, since I live near the Faculty,” indicated a student.

Others spread images of these insects that were found on their clothes and asked for actions from the authorities.

“Fumigate before it advances. As far as I see it is a plague already in the whole city, because it is in the Metro, schools like ours and other places,” said a student.

Yesterday the Faculty reported that undergraduate classes were suspended from 13:00.

It said that personnel from the General Directorate of Health Care (DGAS) of the UNAM would conduct a tour to prepare a report.

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