Carlos Ospina, President of Grupo Sura Mexico, Dies in a Traffic Accident

RIP Carlos Ospina Duque (Photo: OEM)

On the afternoon of Friday, September 29, Carlos Ospina Duque, the President of Grupo Sura in Mexico, died in a traffic accident, according to the investment management and insurance company consortium, as stated in a message disseminated on social media.

“Our solidarity with the family, loved ones, and colleagues at #Suramericana in Latin America, for the departure of Carlos Alberto Ospina Duque, who was linked to #SURA for nearly 30 years and led #SegurosSURA operations in Mexico, the Dominican Republic, and El Salvador. We will always remember him for his warmth and commitment,” explains the brief statement, accompanied by a photograph of the group’s president.

Without providing details regarding his death, Sura emphasized his 30 years of work in the company, where he not only led operations in Mexico but also in countries such as the Dominican Republic and El Salvador.

It is expected that in the coming hours, the family and those close to the businessman will allow the public to learn more about the circumstances.

Carlos Ospina Duque began his professional career after graduating as a mechanical engineer from EAFIT University in Medellín, Colombia, where he also specialized in International Business.

Before his presidency at Sura Mexico, he served as the President of Operations for Suramericana S.A., specifically in the Dominican Republic. He was also the President of Asesuisa, a brand considered an insurance subsidiary of Suramericana based in El Salvador. Additionally, he served as the Manager of Sura in Colombia, particularly in the Antioquia region of the insurance sector.

Through the distribution of a press release, Suramericana expressed condolences to those closest to Carlos Ospina Duque, to whom they also extended deep gratitude for supporting him during the 29 years he faced challenges for the company in question.

In a press release shared on Twitter, it was emphasized that Carlos Ospina Duque leaves an “indelible mark” after dedicating more than two decades of his life to the company. This message, it should be noted, also did not provide details about how the businessman died.

Grupo Sura in Mexico provides both general and life insurance services, occupational hazard insurance, as well as mandatory and complementary health plans. Although the name of the person who will fill the position or whether a tribute will be held in his honor has not been revealed yet.

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