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Bird and bat droppings dull the beauty of the Pikitbeh Cenote at the Mérida Airport

by Sofia Navarro
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The construction of the perimeter fence at the Mérida International Airport prevents strangers from entering the Pikitbeh cenote, located about 600 meters from the runway 36 threshold. For many years, this site was used as a swimming area by the residents of the southern sector of the city, especially those in the San José Tecoh neighborhood, according to Óscar Carrillo Maldonado, the airport’s administrator.

Currently, the spring is inhabited by bats and swallows, and their droppings float on the clear and fresh water, which, according to people who have explored the area, is also contaminated with chemicals.

Carrillo Maldonado explained that a little over two years ago, explorer Sergio Grosjean and a group of speleologists conducted a study of the cenote, which apparently has a regular size (about 40 square meters). However, divers who conducted a study indicate that it measures over 700 meters in length and contains several vaults, including one the size of Mérida’s cathedral.

In the past, the cenote went viral on social media when it became known that airline crews used to bathe there. When they found out that due to the fence, the residents of the surrounding neighborhoods no longer had access to the site, security cameras were installed, and security personnel patrol daily to detect potential trespassers.

On the other hand, explorer Sergio Grosjean mentioned that there are two cenotes at the airport. Pikitbeh served as a swimming area for pilots, flight attendants, and airport employees. There is another cenote located near the threshold of runway 28, but it is inaccessible due to the overgrowth and garbage inside.

There are even reports that Captain Roger Barroso used to perform bachata dances for the crews of foreign airlines because it was an attraction to bathe in the clear waters of the cenote, and why not, even consume alcoholic beverages, as it was considered a very exotic place.

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