Explore the heart and soul of Mexico through its vibrant and rich traditional clothing. Nestled within the enchanting landscapes and cultural heritage of Mexico’s Pueblos Mágicos, you’ll discover not only the beauty of these destinations but also the artistry of their local artisans. From the intricate handwoven fabrics to the captivating hand-embroidered designs, these towns offer a glimpse into the country’s history and creativity. Join us on a journey to three Pueblos Mágicos—Cuetzalan, Santa María del Río, and Aculco—where you can immerse yourself in the world of traditional Mexican clothing.

  1. Cuetzalan in Puebla

Inhabited in ancient times by quetzals, birds considered sacred by Mesoamerican cultures, Cuetzalan has been part of the Magical Towns program since 2002. Amidst mountains, mist, lush vegetation, crystal-clear waterfalls, and natural pools, you will be amazed by the artwork, primarily created by women, on the backstrap loom and hand-embroidered with marvelous and colorful creations that you can wear this September 15th.

  1. Santa María del Río in S.L.P. (San Luis Potosí)

Known as the “Cradle of the Shawl,” this Magical Town in San Luis Potosí is where the “shawl with little balls” was “born.” However, when you visit this beautiful destination, you will find various models, such as the “barbilla,” “palomo,” or “chalina.” While you’re acquiring this very Mexican accessory, don’t miss out on the attractions of the town, including the Casa del Rebozo Museum, El Salto Park, the Church of the Assumption, or Martín Bautista Plaza.

  1. Aculco in the State of Mexico

Since 2015, Aculco has been recognized as a Magical Town and is also part of the Camino Real de Tierra Adentro route. Besides visiting its beautiful waterfalls, especially during the rainy season, like La Concepción and Tixhiñu, its municipal swimming pool, or the Arroyo Zarco and Ñadó haciendas, in Aculco, you can find delicious artisanal cheeses and quarry stone pieces. However, a must-visit in September is to acquire beautiful wool sarapes for these patriotic holidays, as well as hats that will undoubtedly be a sensation on your Mexican Independence Night.

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