Arturo Delgado is the name of the first Mexican to buy the iPhone 15

At Tech Bit we had the opportunity to interview Arturo Delgado, who was the first person to get his hands on the iPhone 15.

His purchase was made at Plaza Antara, where he arrived at 7 a.m. on Thursday, September 21, that is, he had been waiting 25 hours to be the first to get the device from the company.

“Arturo will be the first person in Mexico to get his hands on the iPhone 15,” said one of the Apple representatives at the Plaza Antara store. Excitedly, Arturo was the first to enter the store and the first to receive not one, but two iPhone 15 Pro Max.

The reason he decided on this model was because it is made of polished titanium, he told Tech Bit.

Arturo is a publicist and the main use he will give the device is personal and for his work because of the tools it has; “the camera he used a lot and basically the cloud because all my database is in iCloud,” said the first buyer of the iPhone 15.

Arturo has been training for 15 years to be among the first to get the new iPhone models. Since the iPhone 3 he has been following the Cupertino firm and so far he has been on several occasions the first Mexican to have the company’s new devices. “For me it is already like a tradition, Apple is tradition for me,” said Arturo for Tech Bit.

And he added “I like to come to train even though I can buy it in another country or later. Every country I go to I visit an Apple Store and I am very satisfied”

How much does the iPhone 15 cost in Mexico?

The new iPhone 15 is already available at Apple’s physical stores in Mexico. Its costs are:

iPhone 15: starting at 19, 499 pesos.
iPhone 15 Plus: from 21, 999 pesos
iPhone 15 Pro: starting at $23,999 pesos
iPhone 15 Pro Max: starting at $28,999 pesos

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