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“Annular Solar Eclipse Festival” to be held on October 14 in Mérida, Yucatán

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Within the framework of the “Annular Solar Eclipse Festival” to be held on October 14 in Yucatán, various activities will be carried out in the municipalities of Maxcanú and Mérida as well as in the towns Magical from Tekax, Sisal and Izamal.

To fully enjoy this astronomical phenomenon that is generated when the Moon aligns itself between the Sun and the Earth, creating the illusion of seeing a “ring of fire” around it, you just need to be on Yucatecan soil.

Although this event is something that you should not miss because it happens almost every 30 years, you should take the opportunity to discover the great natural, cultural and gastronomic attractions of Yucatan, which is why we share with you 5 places that you must visit during your stay in the destiny.

Oxkintok is located in the municipality of Maxcanú. (Photo: entornoturistico.com)

Refreshing and delicious Maxcanú

This picturesque place has been recognized for its production of jicamas, also called “White Gold”, being one of the juiciest and sweetest legumes that exist thanks to the richness of minerals in the soil and the climate of Yucatan.
During your visit it is possible to take a tour in which you will be able to learn everything about jicama directly in the field, a unique experience that culminates in preparing a delicious xec, a kind of salad in which jicama is mixed with seasonal citrus and traditional habanero chili.

Another experience that you cannot miss is to enjoy a delicious Champola, a typical drink of the region, and there is no better place to drink it than with Don Cheto, a tradition that has been kept alive for 4 generations.

Tekax, Yucatan Photo: Top Adventure

Round-the-clock adventure in Tekax

In the well-known Sultana de la Sierra, Tekax, which was recently distinguished with the name of Pueblo Mágico, it is possible to enjoy activities full of adrenaline, such as the tour on ATVs through the only area of ​​the mountains that the state.

The ATV tour will allow you to enjoy archaeological sites, colonial buildings, flora, fauna, caves, Mayan villages, and the flavorful touch of the wide Yucatecan gastronomy, including places like Kaalmankal, Grutas Chocantes, Grutas Sartenejas, in which you will have the opportunity to rappel, zip line or visit the Maya underworld “Xibalbá”. It is important to note that this experience can also be enjoyed in its nocturnal edition.

A plus in this site are its wonderful and colorful murals, which will serve as the ideal spot for a photo session.

Photo: (Reporteros Hoy)

Enjoy the peaceful and quiet beautiful port of Sisal

Here you can relax while you take a boat ride through the mangroves, watch birds, and enjoy interesting stories and legends from its inhabitants. An obligatory stop is the El Palmar State Reserve, its wetlands are the habitat of a considerable colony of the pink flamingo.

For those who take advantage of this trip as a romantic getaway, it is possible to enjoy a splendid dinner by the sea, walk the beach without shoes, hand in hand with your partner, while you fall in love again wrapped in a perfect atmosphere.
Cultural and culinary treats in the City of the three cultures.

It is no secret to anyone that Izamal is one of the most beautiful Magical Towns in the country, a space where the streets are dyed yellow and exude unparalleled charm; Cultural integrity is enjoyed in this town, which is why you should visit spaces such as the Convent of San Antonio de Padua, home to the largest open atrium in America, as well as the stained glass window of San Francisco de Asís.

During your stay you cannot miss tasting the traditional Yucatecan cuisine that fuses Mayan ingredients and techniques with those that came to the peninsula with the conquest and what better way to do it than by visiting Kinich, one of the great ambassadors of the entity’s authentic gastronomy .

Live the Mérida experience

In Yucatecan lands, canteens are scenes of stories and reunions, these places have managed to remain in the roots of culture, keeping alive the emblematic flavors of the Yucatecan snack. During your stay in the state capital, you should visit its most iconic Cantinas, where you can delight yourself with great flavors in addition to having fun with live music.

La Negrita Cantina.

La Negrita, El Gallito, and El Dzalbay are just some of those good old “Cantinas” that you should not miss.

Do not think about it twice and visit Yucatán during the Festival of the Annular Solar Eclipse next October 14th, let yourself be captivated by a wide mosaic of cultural and tourist experiences that will take you into the soul of the destination, lean on the yucatan.travel trip planner and escape to celebrate, learn and marvel.

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