AMLO proposes a considerable increase in the minimum wage

President López Obrador announced that he will approach the business sector to negotiate a considerable increase in the minimum wage.

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador announced that this year-end his administration will propose to the country’s business representatives a “considerable” increase in the minimum wage.

From Tecámac, in the first tour of the State of Mexico with the governor of the entity, Delfina Gómez, López Obrador commented that, in the four previous negotiations, only in one the business sector refused to grant an increase, however, he expects a good response this year.

“We are going to look for a way this year-end, we must negotiate with the business sector and the labor movement to reach an agreement on how much the minimum wage increase will be. The business sector has behaved very well”.

“From now on, from Tecámac, I am already telling the leaders of the business sector to start thinking about the fact that we are going to increase the minimum wage considerably”, stated López Obrador.

The president stated that the Felipe Ángeles International Airport, which is located a few kilometers from Tecámac, already has a significant increase in its activity, mainly in the area destined for merchandise.

“Today I was informed by the director of the Felipe Ángeles airport, that they are going to start the expansion of the construction of the airport warehouses because the airport is already saturated with cargo planes and that will mean that companies will be installed and it will mean employment and work”, reiterated the head of the Executive.

The President stated that he is analyzing the possibility of making the universal pension monthly or even biweekly instead of bimonthly as it is currently.

This change, he indicated, would not imply a change in the amount of the universal pension for senior citizens.

An increase in the amount of scholarships given to high school students is also being analyzed, he said.

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