A woman receives a 30 years sentence for killing her husband

A young woman who stabbed her husband after an argument in Valladolid in 2021 received a sentence to 30 years and two months in prison. In addition, she will have to pay the amount of one million pesos in compensation.

In a country like México, where femicides and domestic violence are something that happens on a daily basis, a case like this is much less common.

After being found criminally responsible for homicide based on kinship, I.A.L.P., 26 years old, received a conviction after the State Attorney General’s Office (FGE) provided the evidence that allowed the sentence.

The homicide occurred in March 2021, when the woman and her husband G.C.T., 26, arrived at her home in the Bacalar neighborhood of Valladolid. Shortly after entering the house, they began arguing. At one point, the words turned into violence, and the woman, out of her mind, took a knife and stabbed her husband, causing a severe wound to his chest that led to his death.

TYT Newsroom