A pair of pitbull dogs attack a senior woman in Mérida

Pitt Bull in a rage .

On Tuesday, September 19, a new attack by pitbull dogs was reported in Ciudad Caucel. On this occasion, the victim was an senior adult. The incident occurred in a home located on 73rd and 94th streets in the Almendros subdivision, in the west of the city of Mérida.

According to the information, it was around 6 in the afternoon when Mrs. Lupita, 74 years old, left her home to water her plants. Everything was going normally when suddenly she heard two dogs, who live a few streets away.

The woman, upon seeing the dogs, tried to take shelter in her house, but when she turned her back to the dogs they attacked her, threw her to the ground, and bit her.

Although the woman did everything possible to stop the attack, she was unable to do so, so she covered her face and received bites on her limbs. Mrs. Lupita was left with 16 bites on her right arm, and 11 on the left.

A witness to the incident said that some neighbors threw stones at the dogs to stop the attack. Other witnesses reported the emergency number and paramedics from the Ministry of Public Security (SSP) arrived at the site to help the woman, who was taken to the hospital.

The victim’s son commented that the owners of the animals went to the hospital and are taking care of all the expenses.

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