A construction worker electrocuted in Progreso ends up hospitalized

A construction worker in his 50’s received an electric shock while working on the second floor of a construction site.

The builder was working on Tuesday, September 5th, at a construction site on 17th Street between 20th and 22nd in Chelem, a district of the Progreso municipality, and when he leaned out of the construction site from the second floor, his hair brushed against a medium voltage cable of the CFE that was crossing the site and the man received a powerful electric shock.

The man literally was thrown against the floor, where he remained unconscious for several minutes until the paramedics arrived.

The man did not respond or react, so his companions immediately notified the authorities and a large mobilization took place at the site.

Municipal and state police officers, along with Red Cross paramedics and firefighters, were on the scene and managed to get the man down from the upper floor and take him to a hospital.

It was learned that when he was taken to the ambulance, the bricklayer had already reacted and had no apparent serious injuries, but he was still taken to the hospital to rule out any major injury, as he was still unable to speak and was coughing forcefully.

TYT Newsroom