27-year-old woman from Tizimín gives birth in a restroom

A young woman experienced moments of surprise when she went to the restroom to relieve herself and ended up giving birth to her baby in a public restroom in the municipality of Tizimín.

The incident occurred around noon on Thursday, September 21, when the 27-year-old woman, identified as Dalia Argelia Ceme Chi, went to a laboratory located on 46th Street between 43rd and 45th Streets in the municipality of Tizimín.

According to what was learned, the young woman, originally from Panabá, went to the municipal seat accompanied by her sister, Fidelina Esther Ceme Chi, to undergo an ultrasound examination.

While at the laboratory, the young woman informed her sister that she needed to use the restroom, and at some point, she began to ask for help as she went into labor while inside the restroom.

Within minutes, the baby had been born, and the personnel at the clinic and laboratory provided assistance and called emergency services at 911.

Soon after, Police officers Cristel Karina García Gamas and Deysi Ac Martín arrived and entered the restroom to assist the woman and her newborn baby.

Once the safety and well-being of the woman and her baby were ensured, an ambulance from the State Public Security Secretariat (SSP) was requested, and they transported the woman to San Carlos Hospital, where she received the necessary medical care.

It is worth noting that the birth of a baby in a laboratory restroom caused astonishment and curiosity among the people present in the laboratory, the same people who recognized the quick response of the authorities.

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